How to Plan an Office Relocation

Jan 17, 2019 | Office Relocation

Office relocation is no easy task. A lot of planning and coordinating needs to happen before the big move itself, all whilst keeping the business operational. Mistakes will happen, so it is crucial to have a relocation plan in place. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Create a Timeline and Checklist

An office relocation will impact the day-to-day functioning of your business as well as your employees. Making the relocation process as smooth as possible should be your number one priority, and to achieve that, you’ll need to create a plan that covers all aspects of the move – from start to finish. Once you have decided on a date, start creating a relocation timeline, and include as much detail as possible. The better you plan, the smoother the move will go. Give yourself and your team enough time to get the office ready for the move. Creating a checklist will ensure you don’t miss crucial steps in the process, like informing your customers, clients and service providers.

Keep Employees in the Loop

Your employees will be affected the most by the office relocation, so it is important to update them in the process as much as possible. This will minimize disruption and ensure the business keeps running smoothly through the process. A weekly update via email or in staff meetings is sufficient.

Appoint a Coordinator

Appointing a relocation coordinator or project manager to focus solely on executing a successful move will significantly reduce the stress on the business and employees. They will handle the planning and timeline, as well as correspond with the relocation facilitators.

Make Alternate Working Arrangements

Your employees need to be able to work during the moving process. Make alternate working arrangements if the move will take longer than a day or two.

Clear Out and Refresh

Office relocation is the perfect time to clear out and get rid of clutter. Get your employees to clear our their workstations and use the opportunity to get rid of the clutter. The relocation also gives you the opportunity to refresh the office space – perhaps it is time for some new furniture?

Notify Service Providers and Clients

Notify your customers, clients and service providers well in advance that your business is relocating and that the process may have an impact on your service delivery. It may be necessary to assign this task to an employee to ensure that no clients, customers or service provider are left in the dark.

Appoint a Relocation Facilitator

Appointing a relocation facilitator (we can help with that) will dramatically reduce the impact of the relocation on your business and employees. We handle the entire process so you can focus on what is important; your business.


Completing an office relocation is a big achievement, so celebrate your success with your employees and enjoy your new office space!